Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social responsibility has a fundamental role in the evolution of the business fabric of developing areas and, above all, must be the sustenance to improve the well-being of the people who lives in these zones.

At SUBTERRA we are aware of this and for that reason from 2013 carry out concrete actions of corporate responsibility implemented in countries where SUBTERRA has permanent offices, such as Guatemala and Peru. We think that it is compatible to grow while maintaining an absolute respect for all the groups with which we interact and also, we consider an essential part of our philosophy and concept of business, collaborate on social policies beyond where we are present.

For this reason we have signed an agreement donating 0.7% of our sales with ENTRECULTURAS  for, through the schools FE Y ALEGRÍA; as well as with  BELÉN EDUCA  in Chile; actively collaborating in the following projects:

– Improving the quality of education in rural schools in Pucallpa (Peru).

– Opening opportunities for young indigenous communities in Guatemala.

So back to the society, in the places where we develop our professional activity, what she gives us some, and all those who form SUBTERRA us raise awareness in these social action projects.

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