SUBTERRA is an independent private corporate group, unconnected to construction companies, suppliers of equipment or services and financial companies. Their projects are based exclusively on the rigorous analysis of each case, in order to develop technical solutions optimizing the construction costs with the maximum safe and environmental conditions, as well as compromise with the community. SUBTERRA is certified in ISO 9001, 14001 and 166002 management systems.

Since its creation SUBTERRA has offer services both in the design stage and during construction. As design engineering, its services include field data collection and interpretation, sophisticated support and lining calculations, functional design and security installations; and applied to all phases of feasibility, basic engineering, and detailed engineering value. In the construction phase, its services extend to the geotechnical monitoring and monitoring of slopes, tunnels and underground spaces.

SUBTERRA actually is constituted by the following companies:

     – SUBTERRA Ingeniería Ltda in Chile,

     – SUBTERRA Ingeniería SAS in Colombia,

     – SUBTERRA Ingeniería SL in Spain, and

     – SUBTERRA Ingeniería SAC in Peru;

that functionally act as a unique company organizing its staff and facilities to offer the best services accordingly to the specific characteristics of each project. Starting 2017 SUBTERRA has permanent offices in Lima, Madrid, Medellin and Santiago, as well as several site offices; developing also projects during 2017 in Sweden, Bulgaria, Algeria, Israel, Mexico, Georgia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil. All of them are fully equipped with specific software tools such as FLAC 2D and 3D, UDEC, PFC, EXAMINE 2D and 3D, FAGUS, STEPS, SOLVENT, among others.

SUBTERRA group employs, with the four countries’s technicians, is constituted for a multidisciplinary staff of administrative officers, draughtsmen, civil engeneers, geologist, geological and mining engineers, from which 81% has University degree, with more than 30 years of experiencie.

Along this years SUBTERRA has consolidated worldwide as one of the leading engineering companies specialized in the field of underground works, being now the benchmark’s Latin American company in tunnel engineering (T&T 2014 Annual Listings).



José Miguel Galera
Managing Director