SUBTERRA has an agile structure that allow us to offer our clients a top quality services. Our multidisciplinary staff is composed by qualified people of eight countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Spain, Honduras, Peru and Venezuela).

Continuous learning is a major issue for SUBTERRA, which is why different external and internal training programs have been implemented. We also provide our staff with innovative state of the art technical tools, so that they can achieve a complete professional engagement with our clients.

In SUBTERRA we fully support the principle of gender equality thus 40% of our staff is composed by high qualified women.


CHILE Guillermo Ibarra Civil Engineer
COLOMBIA Jorge Roldán Ph. D. Mining Engineer
ESPAÑA José M. Galera Ph. D. Mining Engineer
ESPAÑA Manuel de Cabo Civil Engineer
INDIA Jai Bundela Computer Engineer
PERÚ Christian Quiroga Geological Engineer

Department heads

Rafael Carabante Drawing
Manuel Ramírez Design engineering
Daniel Santos Design engineering
Jerónimo Verdugo Design engineering
David de Paz I+D+i
María Boisán Business development
Fernando Rubio Management

Management, Quality and Environmental

ESPAÑA Esther de Cabo Management
ESPAÑA Laura Hernández Management
ESPAÑA Luciana Ventura Management
ESPAÑA Paloma Fernández Management
CHILE Paula Torrealba Management
CHILE Adriana Aparicio Management
CHILE Vicente Salcedo Management
INDIA Anita Dilwalia Management
PERÚ Patricia Moya Management
PERÚ Sara Oyadomari Management
COLOMBIA Constantino Ramírez Management
COLOMBIA Prisciliano Álvarez
ESPAÑA Ana Elipe Business development
PERÚ Shara Rojas Business development
PERÚ Stephanie Corrales Business development


Cristina Menchero Geologist Alejandro Moreno Civil Eng.
Hilda Martín Geologist Francisco García Civil Eng.
Jonatan Díaz Geologist Roberto Jiménez Civil Eng.
Natalia Carrasco Geologist Sergio Fernández Civil Eng.
Otto Chavarría Geologist Pedro García Civil Eng.
Sheila Espina Geologist Ankur Sharma Civil Eng.
Vanesa Pozo Geologist Cristián Flores Civil Eng.
Antonio Ortega Mining Eng. Kambadur C. Basavaraju Civil Eng.
Carlos Rodrigo Mining Eng. Jerónimo Verdugo Civil Eng.
Danghelo Cáceres
Draughtsman Margot Melgar Civil Eng.
Daisy Loza
Draughtswoman Rohit Kumar Civil Eng.
Fernando Canalejo Draughtsman Tomás Uriate Civil Eng.
Franciso López Draughtsman Adela Jiménez Geological Eng.
Janathan Rozas Draughtsman Alex Aranzamendi Geological Eng.
Marcos San Miguel Draughtsman Anthony Macedo Geological Eng.
M. Jesús Rodríguez Draughtswoman David del Río Geological Eng.
M. Oliva Valvidares Draughtswoman Edgardo Álvarez Geological Eng.
M. Teresa Fariñas Draughtswoman Érik Chávez Geological Eng.
Noelia Escribano
Draughtswoman Manuel Calleja Geological Eng.
Paloma Pérez Draughtswoman
Nicolás Zevallos Geological Eng.
Paola Castro Geological Eng.
Shirley Builes Geological Eng.


We have permanent offices in Santiago (Chile), Madrid (Spain), Medellin (Colombia), Delhi (India) and Lima (Peru), all of them are fully equipped and with the following technical software:

Software tools